resep masakan indonesia
resep masakan indonesia

Educational Research & Development Journal



Fall 2020, Volume 23, Number 2

Positive and Negative Affect in University Students: The Predictive Roles of Rumination, Mindfulness and Demographic Var
Esra Asici, Umut Arslan, Sebahat Sevgi Uygur
This study aims to investigate the predictive roles of rumination, mindfulness and demographic variables on positive and negative affect of university students. The study was designed as a predictive correlational research model. The data were collected from 466 students through the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule, the Ruminative Thought Style Questionnaire, the Philadelphia Mindfulness Scale, and a demographic questionnaire and analyzed with multiple linear regression analysis. According to the results, rumination, mindfulness (awareness and acceptance), age, gender, and romantic relationship status as a whole accounted for 15% of the variance in positive affect and explained 28% of the variance in negative affect. Positive affect was predicted by awareness and age positively and by acceptance and rumination negatively; negative affect was predicted by rumination and romantic relationship status positively and by acceptance negatively. Being female led to a decrease in positive affect. Implications to the education and counseling field were discussed.
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ISSN: 1526-8659