resep masakan indonesia
resep masakan indonesia
Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association

Educational Research & Development Journal



Vol 17, No 2 (2014)

Construction of Multi-Dimensional Teaching Environment
Yang Gang
Under the E-education background, the research of all-encompassing teaching materials (AETM) rises to be an issue of contemporary importance. This study reports on the relationship between AETM use and the multi-dimensional English as Foreign Language (EFL) teaching environment construction. To explore the application of AETM in the classrooms of tertiary course College English Speaking in China, this study focuses on how to construct a multidimensional teaching environment for EFL teaching through combining AETM and massive information resources. Data were mainly collected by classroom observations and teacher/student interviews. This study finds that the teachers and students regularly cooperate to redesign AETM before, in and after College English Speaking course teaching so as to extend learning contents, change learning methods and create authentic communicative environment. Meanwhile, results also show that the students' English speaking proficiency tends to be better compared to the students learning with traditional textbook which only emphasizes the practice of oral skills. Findings imply that teachers should be aware of the importance of language program design, and localized and individualized course model could be implemented in tertiary EFL teaching.
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ISSN: 1526-8659