resep masakan indonesia
resep masakan indonesia
Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association

Educational Research & Development Journal



Vol 16, No 1 (2013)

Navigating the Seas of Mathematics Education:New Waves in Research to Improve Student Learning

Guest Editors:

  • Jinfa Cai, University of Delaware, U.S.A.
  • Xuhua Sun, University of Macau, China
  • Sasha Wang, Boise State University, U.S.A

Table of Contents

Notes from the Editor-in-Chief PDF 
Binbin Jiang
Navigating the Seas of Mathematics Education: New Waves in Research to Improve Student Learning PDF 
Jinfa Cai, Sasha Wang
An Effective Remedial Instruction in Number Sense for Third Graders in Taiwan PDF 
Pei-Chieh Chen, Mao-Neng Li, Der-Ching Yang
Middle School Students’ Steepness and Proportional Reasoning PDF 
Diana Cheng, Jon R Star, Suzanne Chapin
The Effect of Instruction in Cognitive and Metacognitive Strategies on Ninth-Grade Students' Metacognitive Abilities PDF 
Chih Ting Yang, Shin-Yi Lee
Errors in Solving Word Problems about Speed: A Case in Singapore and Mainland China PDF 
Chunlian Jiang
Supporting Teachers’ Enactment of Elementary School Student-Centered Mathematics Pedagogies: The Evaluation of a Curricu PDF 
Chuang Wang, Drew Polly, Amy Lehew, David Pugalee, Richard Lambert, Christie Sullivan Martin
Prospective Teachers’ Learning in Geometry: Changes in Discourse and Thinking PDF 
Sasha Wang
Assessment of Prospective Teachers’ Multiple Proof Construction of a Trapezoid Area Formula PDF 
Xuhua Sun
On “New Waves” in Mathematics Education Research: Identity, Power, and the Mathematics Learning Experiences of All Child PDF 
Gregory V. Gregory V

ISSN: 1526-8659