resep masakan indonesia
resep masakan indonesia

New Waves - Educational Research & Development



Vol 22, No 2 (2019)

Factors Influencing Chinese Language Learning Anxiety in the Classroom Setting
Ko-Yin Sung, Xiaoshi Li
This study investigated the foreign language anxiety (FLA) construct of U.S. college learners of Chinese as a foreign language (N = 149) and examined whether the following factors, gender, language class level, and whether foreign language(s) were learned prior to learning Chinese, had significant influences on the learners' anxiety levels. A modified version of the Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale (FLCAS) was used to collect data. The results of the factor analysis illustrated a 4-component solution including Chinese class performance anxiety, the lack of mastery of all four language skills, writing Chinese characters, and learner confidence. The results of the MANOVA test showed that a significance was found in the independent variable of gender on the learners' anxiety. The male learners were less anxious than the females when performing their Chinese language skills in class or when they had not fully mastered all four language skills.
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ISSN: 1526-8659