Donation - Contribute to OHLA State PAC
Contribute to OHLA State PAC
7/25/2018 - 7/25/2025

Event Description
The state PAC is a voluntary, non-partisan political action committee formed to support and elect pro-industry and pro-business candidates for office. The PAC pools permissible resources from Oklahoma’s hoteliers, which enables our industry to support candidates for office who believe in and support pro-industry and pro-business policies. Government decisions impact every aspect of our industry. Sound public policy begins by supporting and electing candidates to office who understand the hotel industry and know that a healthy, robust hotel industry translates into a stronger Oklahoma economy.

We encourage and accept PAC donations in any amount. Individuals and sole proprietors may contribute; special rules apply to limited liability companies and partnerships. All contributions must be personal by law. Contact Benny Vanatta at (918) 625-5132 with questions.

The Oklahoma Ethics Commission requires that every contributor complete the following form and that all contributions be paid with private funds; i.e., by personal check or credit card. No corporate funds or cash contributions are allowed.

The OHLA PAC will support only pro-business candidates for State of Oklahoma elected offices of the Senate and House of Representatives and is not affiliated with any political party.