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Vieth Consulting (pronounced VEETH) was started in 2000 by Chris Vieth with the goal of providing cost-effective, website design services for businesses and associations.

Chris' focus on associations was born out of direct experience in local associations in Des Moines, Iowa and Lansing, Michigan. In order to make day-to-day administration of association websites easier, Chris created an event calendar that could be updated by an association's officers. Chris then added a Member Database that would automatically update an email list, allowing officers to easily send out broadcast emails. After that, features were continually added as people asked for more features.

It quickly became apparent that different organizations, large and small, could take advantage of the features of these systems. All of these were wrapped together under the title of Member Management System, which was later named MemberLeap. It's now shared by a growing list of over 750 organizations who have access to it on a subscription basis.

Chris' hometown is Panora, Iowa. He graduated from Iowa State University in December of 1993 with a B.S. in Computer Engineering. He has been working as a software developer for 30 years and has been doing website design and programming for 23 years. Chris currently lives and works in the Lansing area with his wife Laura. Currently, Vieth Consulting has a staff of 26 full-time employees.