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Name:Effective Utility Management

Utility of the Future, Water Resource Recovery Facilities, Culture, Organization, Innovation, and a range of other terms and ideas are frequently used in talks, sales literature, and articles. The Water Resources Division of Michigan DEQ issued a grant to MWEA to assist in launching Recycling Metrics and the concept of the Utility of the Future more than a year ago. The effort has resulted in a Leadership Summit, Vision Document, surveys and reports, but many have asked for guidance in how to become a Utility of the Future. Just how does a utility go about becoming a Water Resource Utility of the Future? MWEA thinks the answer to that question lies in the guidance and resources provided by Effective Utility Management Initiative. The EUM initiative allows each utility to proceed in a manner that meets its own particular needs and to proceed at its own pace.

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Presentations Available:

EUM Implementation: Customer Satisfaction and Stakeholder Understanding06/14/18
EUM Implementation: Product Quality and Operational Optimization06/14/18
EUM Implementation: Employee & Leadership Development06/14/18
EUM Implementation: Financial Viability 06/14/18
EUM Implementation: Infrastructure Strategy and Performance06/14/18
EUM Implementation: Enterprise Resiliency06/14/18
EUM Implementation: Water Resource Sustainability06/14/18
EUM Implementation: Community Sustainability 06/14/18
EUM Presentation06/14/18Your Path to Sustainability: Describe ways that the EUM Primer can be used. Conduct the EUM Self-Assessment and review other key implementation steps, including identifying effective practices. Equip participants to implement EUM at their utility based on the assessment done at the workshop. Create an opportunity to learn from utility peers about their challenges, successes, and plans for improving in the future. Hosted by MWEA and EPA on Thursday, June 7, 2018.