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FUNDING!!! The House Labor/HHS funding bill, which includes Head Start funding, is expected to hit the House floor the week of 11/13. This bill – as currently written – would cut Head Start funding by $750 million (or 6.25%). Combined with the current rate of inflation (3.7%), such a cut would mean that roughly 5000 IL Head Start/Early Head Start children and their families would lose access to Head Start/Early Head Start -- 80,00 children nationwide! PLEASE use your voice to make some noise! Ask all staff and friends to go to the Support Head Start/Early Head Start link - (should be done on a personal phone, tablet or laptop). We are in jeopardy of losing funding and we need THOUSANDS of voices to stand up for HS/Early Head Start before NOV 13th - take action now. - - Ask that they oppose these cuts to Head Start that would harm the children and families we serve. We don't "cry wolf" so you know that this is VERY important.