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Registration Overview

Membership with the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing is open to police officers, professional organizations, research institutions, community groups, and any other organization working in or having an interest in making a positive impact in the criminal justice field through using the best available research evidence.

Applications for membership are now available. Membership with the ASEBP includes:

  • Access to The Justice Clearing House webinar library! 
  • Reduced price to the Annual ASEBP Conference

  • Biweekly research briefs on police and crime-related studies

  • Biweekly EBP digest – links to police research, thought-provoking articles, and other relevant police topics

  • A monthly newsletter dedicated to informing the membership about ASEBP updates, member highlights, and other EBP relevant information

  • A dedicated Evidence-Based Policing Discussion Forum (under construction)

  • Networking with law enforcement professionals, researchers, and educators from all over the United States providing opportunities to both acquire and share information

  • Updates on upcoming events

  • Student Member Rate

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