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2020 Virtual Supervisors and Marketing Training by THINK3D
9/8/2020 - 9/22/2020

THINK Tuesdays from 10:00 am-11:30 am (Central)
Tuesday, September 8
Tuesday, September 15
Tuesday, September 22
Topics will be:
The Power of Culture (Week 1)
A culture exists in every business with more than one employee. We address the potential that lies in focusing on your organization’s culture to maximize the potential of your team.
"Culture in Crisis" (Week 2)
How to use Intention, Innovation, and Intensity to lead your team into a new normal.
Many organizations are experiencing significant changes creating uncertainty that is unprecedented. The attitude and energy of you and your team will be the primary factor in any future success. Learn and discuss ways to reclaim your energy and refocus your efforts in the midst of crisis. 
Freedom is a Skill: (Week 3)
"As we all work to gain flexibility and autonomy either in our own business or someone else's we are likely to realize that freedom is not just a privilege but also a skill. Join us to learn how you can connect to your "Why", Pursue happiness with intention and find out what's stopping you from reaching for greatness. "
Cost: $125
Link for training will be sent by email the day before the event.

Check out Think3D at https://letsthink3d.com/

Registration ends on 9/7/2020