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DRIE September 2019 Quarterly Meeting

Please join us for our September meeting to be held on Wednesday, September 11 2019, from 8:45 to noon at the Ottawa Conference Center, 200 Coventry Rd, Ottawa. We have two topical presentations scheduled.

2018 Ottawa Tornados
Paola Parenti, Emergency Management Program Coordinator, City of Ottawa

The Ottawa Tornadoes response and recovery presentation begins with a timeline of six separate tornadoes that touched down in the Ottawa-Gatineau area in September 2018. Although a tornado is on our list of top 10 vulnerabilities in Ottawa, we had not experienced one in our surrounding area in recent history … let alone six in one night! The topics that are covered throughout the presentation include the initial response, engaging stakeholders and non-governmental organizations, damage assessment, application for disaster recovery funding, volunteer management, sustaining a long-term response, recovery, and the after action review. The presentation will conclude with how the City implemented some of the lessons observed during the 2019 Spring Freshet response and recovery operations.

Portage Power and the Impact of Spring Flooding 
Franz Kropp, Director, Generation, Portage Power, an affiliate of Hydro Ottawa Holding, Inc. 

Franz will be speaking about Portage Power (an affiliate of Hydro Ottawa Holding, Inc.) and the recent experiences during Spring flooding, including the impact it has had on power generation, river management, and Business Continuity.
Location: Ottawa Conference Center
200 Coventry Rd
Ottawa, ON

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