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2022 Drinking Water Operations Challenge Invitational

Event Description
Held in conjunction with the
One Water 2022 Technical Conference & Expo: July 25-28, 2022

Please fill out this waiver and send to Jay Cermenaro: Waiver

Ohio Section AWWA competitors must register online. Approved competitors’ registration fees will be covered by the Ohio Section.
This registration includes: access to the exhibit hall, meals, and events in the exhibit hall on the day of Competitions. If you wish to attend any other portion of the conference, or be eligible for contact hours, you will need to register using the regular attendee registration link.
Held in conjunction with the One Water 2022 Technical Conference and Exhibition: July 25-28, 2022

A tapping team shall consist of no more than four (4) persons; three (3) workers and one (1) coach. The coach may also serve as the alternate worker whenever the team shall deem appropriate and a new coach appointed from the four original team members for the next tap.

*Only one (1) men’s team and one (1) women’s team per utility will be allowed to enter the contest each year.

Hydrant Hysteria Competition shall consist of no more than (3) persons; two (2) workers and one (1) coach.

*Only one (1) team per utility will be allowed to enter the contest each year.

Meter Madness Event is an individual Competition. Each qualified participant ("Competitor”) is solely responsible for his/her performance.

*Only District winners and returning champion (max of 5 contestants) can register for this event.

Teams of one (1), two (2) or three (3) water operators from AWWA Sections are invited to compete.

*Only District winners or District representatives (max of 4 teams) can represent and register for this event.

Each Competitor shall be an AWWA member. This membership may be an individual membership, as an Active or Affiliate Member of AWWA, or the competitor may be a regular employee of a Utility Member or Organization Member of AWWA. Each Utility is responsible for verifying this membership requirement before entering the competitor in the contest.

*Additional teams may enter the competition on a space-available basis and only with the permission of the OAWWA Competition Chair Coordinator.

*Each competitor will be required to complete the proper waiver, Team Bio, and registration documentation prior to competing in any event.

Team Registration includes:
• Tuesday Complementary Operator’s Expo Day
• Tuesday Lunch
• Tuesday Meet & Greet

*Lodging, travel, extra tickets and other miscellaneous expenses will be the team’s responsibility.

You are also invited to register for the One Water Technical Conference and Exhibition: July 25-28, 2022 at the Member rate if you would like to stay for the conference.

All Judges will be appointed by the Competition Chair.

For OAWWA Operations Challenge info - contact:
Jay Cermenaro

For rules or questions please contact the OAWWA Competition Chair.