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Coaching: A Hidden Resource for “The Done” Dissertation and Beyond
3/3/2021 - 3/3/2021

Coaching: A Hidden Resource for “The Done” Dissertation and Beyond 
Webinar: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 from 1 - 2:30 p EST

During the process of completing a dissertation, you might have a supportive network in your dissertation committee, cohort colleagues, and family members.  However, similar to a sports coach who helps a player become their best possible self, a dissertation coach can provide another line of defense to help a doctoral candidate produce the best possible dissertation.  And, this coaching relationship can extend beyond dissertation work into preparing for post-doctoral life.
The coaching relationship focuses on what you need to get the dissertation done while bringing targeted awareness to logistics (e.g., timeline, writing processes). A dissertation coach will keep in mind the big-picture needs in your life while offering support when and where needed.  Creating your best possible dissertation is a marathon of sorts, and having a coach with you in the process offers perspectives and tools to manage the workflow and get to the finish line and ready for whatever is next.
Please join Certified Coach Nancy Lubin, CPCC and Doctoral candidate Matthew Speno for an interactive webinar on nuances of whole person coaching for the dissertation journey.  

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