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2024 NAAS-AJAS Annual Conference Registration
10/20/2023 - 2/17/2024

Event Description

Congratulations to the 2024 AJAS Fellows! 

We are honored to celebrate your success at the 2024 NAAS-AJAS Annual Conference and view your research at the 2024 AJAS Poster Session.

Please read the following instructions before registering. Print this page for future reference, or find these instructions here
  • You will need to agree to the Code of Conduct before registering, please read the 2024 AJAS/NAAS Conference Code of Conduct
  • You will need to read and reply to the Media Release before registering, please read the 2024 AJAS/NAAS Annual Conference Media Release
  • You will need to agree to the AAAS Health and Safety Guidelines before registering. 
  • Click-on “Register for this event” and “Register as a Guest.”
  • Enter your contact information. The email address you enter here will be the one used for sending out Annual Conference information. Click-on “Continue.”
  • Select the registration package, shown in the table above, that best suits you.
  • Complete remainder of form.
  • AJAS Official Delegates must provide the names and email addresses for their adult chaperone, state or regional science academy director, teacher and/or research mentor, and abstract title. 
  • Payment Method Options
    • Payment for self – 2 Options:
      • To pay by PayPal or credit card -- Select PayPal option.
      • To pay by check -- Select Pay by Check/Money Order option.
    • Payment provided by other:
      • Write the specific name of the person/organization paying your registration fee. 
      • Select the Pay by Check/Money Order option.
      • Forward to the payee your confirmation email.
  • Read carefully through your confirmation email. If you have questions or need to make any changes, contact NAAS administrator Rachel Owen at admin@academiesofscience.org