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IAFIE 2024 Virtual Conference
2024-06-05 - 2024-06-07

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Registration ends on 2024-06-02

Event Description
IAFIE Goal: “to serve as the principal organization for advancing research, knowledge, and professional development in intelligence education”

Novel Intelligence Studies Learning Outcomes
As individual educators, graduate, and undergraduate students of Intelligence Studies new topics emerge quickly. Our field is young in its own right and frequently has as an ultimate professional endpoint for many students: a job in Government Intelligence and Defense Agencies, the private sector, and NGOs. In addition to traditional intelligence roles, many of our graduates work in data analytics, business intelligence, sports analysis, cybersecurity, risk management, and competitive intelligence. Each of these fields is facing a digital revolution with the advent of AI and a shift in the availability of open-source material.
This Call for Papers is a return to the roots of pedagogy to address emerging topics and trends that impact what, and how, we teach Intelligence. Faced with new challenges, we want to revisit our strategic intent in the field through developing and discussing possible Learning Objectives and course content for the 1) study of Intelligence and 2) developing a functional and ethical Intelligence professional of the future.
Challenges which may call for new thinking about teaching, training, and learning include:
  • The role of AI in intelligence planning, collection, processing, analysis, dissemination, and use by decision-makers.
  • Addressing the study of cultural and cognitive and heuristic biases in the midst of a public debate about what is “woke” or what is protected by academic freedom.
  • How do we teach and learn from historical case studies and Intelligence failures to impact on the way we conduct Intelligence?
  • Understanding how to maintain academic freedom, integrity, courage, and empathy when we teach politically and societally sensitive issues like domestic extremism, human trafficking, etc.
  • Ethics in Intelligence studies is integral to every Learning Outcome. How can we ensure ethics is deeply embedded in both our teaching and in our students’ academic work? How can ethics be presented and explored in practical application?
  • Student reflections on experiences in Intelligence Studies.
  • Strategies for student professional identify formation including mentoring, internships, professional networks, etc.
  • How do we develop curricula that help decision makers embed resilience in their work?

Call for Papers due by March 31, 2024
IAFIE enables to have a broader selection of scholars from around the world present their research, and allows to present the best and greatest to a wider variety of scholars who may have been restricted in their ability to travel.  We are excited about this opportunity to have a broad reach for our members and scholars in Intelligence Education. We will have a plenary session, comments by the President of IAFIE, panels and papers presentations as well as breakout opportunities for individuals to meet on the sidelines through virtual breakout rooms.

We encourage you to submit your proposals for this conference. If you have any questions, please reach out to Craig Gruber, IAFIE Vice President and Chair of the Scientific Committee at VP@IAFIE.org, or cgruber@american.edu. After notification of acceptance, submission of papers and presentations details will be provided to the presenters.

You can find further details including the Call for Papers here: 2024 IAFIE Virtual Conference Call for Papers
Registration is mandatory for presenters and speakers.

It is also possible to participate on-line without presenting any paper in the form of attendees. Registration is mandatory also in this case.
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Deadline for Registration:

  • Participants - 03 June 2024
  • Speakers & Presenters - 27 May 2024

We look forward to seeing you virtually in June and sharing your research with the world.


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  • Fully refundable until 04 June 2024

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