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mTBI: Treating the Whole Person
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

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Event Description
Kara Focht, MS,CCC-SLP is an outpatient speech-language pathologist and certified brain injury specialist. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in speech-language pathology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Kara got a crash course in concussion care after a bad fall during her first year of graduate school. It took 20+ providers and a combination of traditional and complementary approaches for life to feel manageable again. Now, she serves as the lead SLP for the hospital’s concussion team and loves providing holistic therapy to help other brain injury survivors navigate their recoveries. Kara is a Love Your Brain certified yoga teacher. She writes about cognitive challenges after brain injury and provides free resources through Rethink Speech Therapy. You can find her on instagram @rethinkspeechtherapy.

Financial Disclosures:  Owner of Rethink Speech Therapy, employee of Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, MSCC honorarium
Non-Financial Disclosures: none
Facilitator:  Kim Gully, MS, CCC-SLP, CCM, CBIST
Financial Disclosures:  none
Non-Financial Disclosures:  President of MSCC, Founder and Leader of New Start Support Group for TBI Survivors

Target Audience:  Medical Speech-language pathologist

Course Description: 
This course will discuss traditional vs complementary approaches to concussion care. SLPs will review traditional best practices. SLPs will also explore how a whole-person approach addresses complex cognitive symptoms, and helps patients progress when recovery feels just out of reach. 
Upon Completion of this course, participants will be able to:
Differentiate between traditional and complementary approaches to concussion care.
Choose treatment approaches that will address complex cognitive symptoms.
Provide rationale for a whole person approach to mTBI.
Time Ordered Agenda: 
9:00-9:45- Traditional vs complementary approaches to concussion care
9:45-10:00- Discussion
10:00-10:45- Using a holistic lens to address complex cognitive symptoms   
10:45-11:00- Question & Answers

In order to receive credit for this course participants must complete the following requirements:
  • attend entire course
    • sign in on time and stay for the entire course
    • partial credits not allowed
  • complete program evaluation
    • must be completed within 7 days of completion of course
    • certificate of completion will be awarded upon receipt
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