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September Webinar 2023
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

Event Description
A Closer Look at Dayton’s Total Phosphorus Removal Project
The NPDES Total Phosphorus Permit Requirements for the City of Dayton Water Reclamation Facility required upgrades to Dayton’s existing treatment process. Multiple permit upgrades to the existing facility were required, including Rotary Drum Thickener Units to replace the existing Dissolved Air Flotation Tanks, a new Polymer system, and new Phosphorus Analyzers throughout the plant to monitor phosphorus and control chemical dosing. In addition to this new process equipment, these process changes also required the replacement of existing pumps, chemical bulk tanks, and electrical gear. Continuous plant operation was required throughout the entirety of this project and the numerous system upgrades within limited building space created unique challenges that required all parties to collaborate for success. This webinar will walk through the lifecycle of this project and provide perspectives from the engineer, general contractor, and owner.

Various aspects of this total phosphorus removal project will be discussed, including: (1) Overview of Dayton’s permit limits and timeline, (2) Design overview, (3) Maintenance of plant operations and sequencing during the design and throughout physical construction, (4) Construction focus and meeting critical milestones, (5) Lessons learned from an owner’s perspective, and (6) Project results, highlighting the new system as well as equipment expectations vs actual performance.
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