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April Webinar 2022
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Event Description
Twenty-first century wastewater system operators are being asked to overcome a myriad of challenges, with minimal resources and fewer people.  

The most typical problem in wastewater lift stations is clogging. The amount of solids has been increasing in modern sewage systems due to lower water use; flow patterns have shifted from industrial areas to residential ones, with peaks changed from normal commuter patterns to more steady flow throughout the day as people work from home; and changing weather patterns and aging infrastructure only compound the issues. 

To capture the dynamic problems happening upstream of pumps, the pumping systems now must be proactive, intelligent, and communicative. Utilities increasingly need automation and dynamism to adapt to changing conditions. 

To help them, solution providers are imbedding intelligence into traditional equipment and hardware, and networking these intelligent devices into smart systems. This presentation will review the specific requirements within wastewater pumping to achieve clog free pumping, optimized process control, remote monitoring, energy saving, etc. By providing greater visibility, continuity, and resilience these smart solutions, combining innovative hydraulic design with intelligent control devices can empower the utility to solve modern problems, creating more attractive returns on their technology investments.

This webinar is made possible by the generous support of Buckeye Pumps.

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