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Published: 02/24/24

Scholarship Opportunities for the 2024 Points of Light Conference
Points of Light is pleased to offer the following scholarships to attend the 2024 Points of Light Conference:
Published: 02/20/24

Professional Development Opportunity: DATA SECURITY FOR LEADERS OF VOLUNTEERS
Protecting your volunteers' personal information is not just the job of your IT colleagues or your volunteer management software provider. It's your job too, and this webinar can help you make it happen.

Published: 02/14/24

Based on recent census data, the Latinx population continues to grow. Is your volunteer force representative of your Latinx community? Do you notice a gap in representation? Are you looking for ways to engage and retain Latinx volunteers as part of your organization’s volunteer program? Is your organization equipped for the inclusion of more Latinx volunteers? Would you like to learn more about how volunteerism and the Latinx community intersect for your organization?

We will begin with a foundational understanding of Latinx, language, and the latest census results. Following, we will discuss ways to assess the current state of your volunteer program in terms of the Latinx communities you serve using census data. Together, we will review ways you can strategize for the future state you want to see in your volunteer force. Lastly, we will end with tips and best practices to attract, engage, recruit, recognize, retain, and support your Latinx volunteers.

By the end of our time together you will be able to:

Assess your organization's current state of Latinx representation
Plan for the future state of Latinx representation you want to see in you program
Learn some applicable tips to recruit and retain Latinx volunteers
Published: 02/03/24