Project/Committee Details
Surveillance Data
The State Data Committee is an active committee with responsibility for the following:

* Overseeing the collection and presentation of state data and directory information for the Annual Report (published in Birth Defects Research Part A)

* Developing definitions, policies or procedures (e.g., data sharing, data suppression, confidence intervals, etc.)

* Coordinating data use and data sharing

* providing and coordinating technical assistance in areas such as, study design, analysis and publication

The Committee has worked on many collaborative projects including those focused on preterm births, gastroschisis/ventral wall defects, oral clefts (WHO International Database on Craniofacial Anomalies), and NTD mortality/survival. Project and policy work is conducted in work groups that report progress to the full committee during its monthly conference calls.

Data can "Deliver A lot of The Answers"!
1st Thursday of every month at 3-4PM ET
Primary Contact:
Dominique Heinke