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Regulatory Attorneys
The Regulatory Attorneys Committee is comprised of all commission legal staff as well as outside counsel employed by the racing regulatory entity. Anyone interested may sign up on the Project/Committee page for this group.
Primary Contact:
Brett Bonin, Esq.
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Committees Member Information
Douglas Abraham
Jorge Augusto
Suzanne Becker
Brett Bonin
Tanya Boulmetis
Ed Burns
Richard Bustamante
Caitlin Caputo
Shawn Chapman
Yannet DeGarcia
Anthony Eates
Lindsay Evans
Virginia Fields
Byron Freeland
Todd Grossman
Mr. Eric Hamelback
Kevin Hoese
Angela Holland
Michael Kahler
Charles Kilb
Ed Martin
John McDonough
E. Joseph Newton
Ms Joanna Ricci
David Rothenberg
Michael Shaw
Sanela Simic
Justin Stempeck
Elizabeth Stinson
Kelli Talbott
Jennifer Wolsing