Wisconsin Adult Day Services Association

Getting creative to operate during the pandemic.

Hello Everyone:
The ADC that I work for is located in a church and we cannot open until the church opens. They are saying November/December, maybe. I know that our company may not survive that long. The members asked if we would come to their homes to do our services. I asked Alfred Johnson via the webinar on Tuesday July 6th and he said, “Yes we can, ensure funding sources”.

 Pastime Club feels that this is an extension of our service; these are unprecedented times which means thinking outside the box.

I contacted the ADRC for funding; the respite grant money was paying homecare service $30.00 an hour. He said he can fund the in home dementia services. Our company is small and it will only affect a few people BUT it is a start. The revenue will allow our ADC to survive for now.
If you have any questions please feel free to call me 608-881-2117 or e-mail Pastimes2007@yahoo.com

Rebecca Johnson
Program Director