Illinois Emergency Services Management Association

IESMA Training Summit Update

During the IESMA Summit Committee Meeting held on July 30, 2021, this committee reviewed the updated guidance concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as the ever increasing number of cases reported.  The current guidance from the CDC and from IDPH was increasing restrictions that would have an effect on public gatherings. 
The concern of the committee was:

Reviewing the questions towards IESMA being able to hold the September Summit with the possibility of greater Covid-19 restrictions;
 The possible liabilities IESMA could face should we continue to hold the Summit and becoming a super spreader;
Whether we would even have people able to attend it. 
To prevent the committee or IESMA from the possibility of having to cancel it at the last minute, the IESMA Committee has made unanimous recommendation to IESMA President Rick Grah to postpone the IESMA Summit until April 26-29 2022.
The Summit Committee has laid extensive ground work that can be continued in preparing for the April 2022 Summit.  The committee members agreed to continue their weekly meetings and to focus on a more robust summit.
Therefore, in the interest of the safety of our IESMA Members and guests, who would be attending, I am postponing the September 27-29 IESMA Summit. 
The 2022 IESMA Summit will be scheduled for April 26-28 2022 at the Northfield Inn in Springfield, IL.
Thank you to the Summit Committee for all of their hard work and to all of you for your understanding during these trying times.


Rick Grah
IESMA President