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Celebrating Dr. Howard Winokuer's Well Lived Life

As President, I have had the blessing of meeting many people. I would like to sharing a well-lived life with our members, Howard Winokuer, LCMHC, has permanently left our membership roles. I met Howard after he called to talk to me about a few things. What could have been a 5 minute phone call, turned into a 90-minute discussion of almost everything under the sun. Howard's joie de vivre was easily discernable. He offered multiple times to present on grief, suicide and many other matters related to death and dying. Howard was not anxious nor afraid of the topic and wanted to share his respect for death, and his knowledge and compassion for loss and those grieve. We talked about plans to have him do a full day of training sharing his expertise. Unfortunately, the world lost Howard, o soon. I post this to honor Howard and his work.