DVDs and USB Flash Drives for 2014 Retreat

T h e y ' r e   r e a d y ! !
DVDs and Flash Drives for CUB's 2014 Retreat

Relive the sessions that moved you.
Didn't attend? Experience it as if you were there.

* * *
"Being Found: Blessings and Challenges"

Two daughters and one son from the Baby Scoop Era
reveal what happened after "she found me."
After a 22 year reunion, one adult daughter lost her mother to cancer.
One adult daughter, initially devastated, eventually came around. Learn how.
Thirty-six years ago, the son, then 15, was reunited with his mother, then his father,
and went from only child to big brother of five.

* * *
"Adoption Mandala"

Sometimes only art can express the heart.
See what this workshop uncovered.

* * *
"Open Adoption Betrayal"

After offering the ultimate trust,
the door shuts on some birthparents, crushing them, infuriating them.

The session moderator coaxed two experts out of retirement to offer insights.
One, a birthmother and researcher, reveals the traits of honestly-open adoptive parents.
The other, a social worker who pioneered open adoptions 30 years ago, and
who facilitated more than 500 successful open adoptions, reflects on what worked.
Surveys just completed by recent birthparents flesh out the agony of betrayal.
Don't miss the transcribed flip-chart notes taken during the session.
They'll spark discussion to improve pre- and post-adoption services.

Gail Perry-LeeCampbell-Jim Gritter - 2014 Retreat

* * *
"Saving Our Sisters"

Learn how two women helping pregnant women keep their babies
prevents their being swept into adoption.
Be inspired to clone them.

Lynn Johansenn - 2014 RetreatCarolyn Espina - 2014 Retreat


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DVDs$30.00 USD
CUB's 2014 Retreat has been captured in three ways.

One is a set of THREE DVDs.
Another option is a familiar style of flash drive*, like this facsimile.
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Another option is a
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* We do recommend a selection of one of the flash drives instead of the set of DVDs:
Flash drives are more stable, longer lasting, and enjoy safer shipping.