New Member Registration - Rocky Mountain Assn of Student Financial Aid Administrators

Registration Overview

Membership in RMASFAA is established at the institutional or organizational level.  The institution or organization pays the membership dues on an annual basis.  Each institution or organization may then have an unlimited number of individual members associated with it.

  • Institutional members are colleges and universities that are engaged in the administration of student financial aid in one of the eight RMASFAA states.
  • Associate enterprise membership is open to public and private agencies and organizations concerned with or engaged in the support and/or administration of student financial aid. Associate institutional membership is open to colleges or universities which are located in a state outside the RMASFAA region. 
The membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st of the calender year.  A courtesy extension is provided through March 15th while memberships are renewed.‚Äč

Only the primary contact for the institution should fill out a new member application.  New individual members should be added to an already existing institutional or associate membership by the primary contact.

Institutional Memberships:
2024 Institutional Membership [1-5000 students] are $200.00.
2024 Institutional Membership [5001-10000 students] are $250.00.
2024 Institutional Membership [10001 plus students] are $300.00.

Associate Membership:
2024 Associate Membership are $300.00.

Retired Members:
2024 Retired Membership are $20.00.

Individual Membership:
2024 Individual Membership are $100.00

For Bill questions, please contact:
Matthew Rowell, Treasurer-Elect

For Membership questions, please contact:
Jordan Eisenmenger, Membership Chair

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