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The purpose of POWC has always been to provide information to its members.  POWC‘s objective is for its members to be the best-informed individuals on the Island on matters of importance to the Island we love – whether our members live on the Island or have second homes here.  


POWC has three (3) primary vehicles for providing information to its members/subscribers. 





1.  Its primary vehicle is publishing Island Matters, the non-profit online newspaper of the Island.  Island Matters is 100% fact-based and deals primarily with public sector matters.



        2. Conversely, any opinion articles or member-specific information appears in POWC‘s second news vehicle, the POWC Newsletter.




        3. The third method for providing information (although temporarily suspended for COVID-19) is Member Events.  POWC Member Events deliver interesting information in a social atmosphere to its members/subscribers.  Member Events occur at local member businesses, and both local and off-island experts discuss topics relevant to the Island.




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