Member Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) Scholarship - Oklahoma Hotel and Lodging Association
The OH&LA Member Certification Scholarship is available to members of the Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association so that they may earn certification as a Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA). This program awards up to four (4) $525 scholarships each year. There is no deadline, however, criteria and documentation must be met.

Scholarship funding is based on a first-come first-serve basis, eligibility, meeting the requirements and remaining funding at the time the application obligations are completed. A member may only receive one CHA scholarship. The scholarship is paid after the member provides OHLA with a copy of their AHLEI Notice of Acceptance. If the recipient does not complete CHA testing they or their employer (whoever the scholarship was issued to) is obligated to return the scholarship funds to the OH&LA.

OH&LA Online Application Requirements:
1. Apply for the scholarship online at
2. Is your property a member of OHLA in good standing for a minimum of one year?
3. Upload Proof of Employment and Current Position by your employer
4. Upload an Essay: Write a maximum 100-word essay describing your current job responsibilities and goals.
5. Upload a copy of your resume
6. Upload a copy of the AHLEI Notice of Acceptance accepting you into the CHA exam program.

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