Michigan Water Environment Association

The 2024 JOHN P. HENNESSEY Scholarship

Please either mail in your application or fill out the online form below by March 15th.




The JOHN P. HENNESSEY SCHOLARSHIP was developed to support local students seeking a career in the Water Environment Field. The funds from this scholarship are designed to go towards earning their certificate or degree, in an applicable course of study, including (but not limited to) advanced degrees.  


Applicants must: 

1) Currently attend a Michigan college or university (Undergraduate and Graduate students are eligible for this scholarship), 2) be pursuing a course of study leading to a career in Wastewater Treatment, or in some other aspect of the water environment field, and 3) have at least a 2.5 academic average, on a 4.0 GPA academic scale. 


- The above materials must be submitted with a cover letter itemizing the enclosures. Questions regarding the materials required to be submitted, may be directed to MWEA: mwea@mi-wea.org or 517-641-7377. 

- All applications must be postmarked by March 15th and mailed to the MWEA office OR fill out the online form below: 


RE: Student Scholarships 

5815 Executive Drive 

Lansing, MI 48911 



- All entries will be judged by a panel representing the diverse membership of the Michigan Water Environment Association. If, in the opinion of the judges, suitable entries are not received, no scholarship may be awarded. In all cases, the opinion of the judges will be final. 


- The one year $3,500.00 John P. Hennessey Scholarship will be formally awarded at the summer MWEA Annual Conference, for immediate use in the current or next semester. The check will be issued in the name of the student and the school and is to be used for academic purposes only. 

- Scholarship winner shall also be given complimentary one (1) year membership to the MWEA. 

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