OWEA Awards Program L.T. Tom Hagerty Award

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Tom Hagerty graduated from Hiram College in 1938 with a degree in Education. He began his career in the water and wastewater business as the Manager of the Bedford Sewage Treatment Plant. Mr. Hagerty went on to supervise operations of the water and sewer facilities in the City of Delaware and was later named Superintendent of the Dayton Wastewater Treatment Plant. In 1959, he began working for the Division of Sanitary Engineering of the Ohio Department of Health which became the Ohio EPA in 1972. He worked for the agency for twenty years. His duties included operator certifi cation and assisting plant operators in solving operational problems as well as helping with advancement opportunities and job placement. As a public agency employee, Mr. Hagerty was in the truest sense, there to help you. He is best known for motivating and encouraging plant operators, as a developer of training manuals, teaching short schools, and as one of the founders of OTCO.
Award Description: The L.T. Tom Hagerty Award is presented to a public agency employee who unselfishly provides guidance and assistance to wastewater plant operators and superintendents as a part of their duties within an agency. Emphasis is placed on a candidates direct involvement with assisting plant operators in the understanding of regulatory requirements, plant operations, state certification and operator training. The award winners are typically Ohio EPA employees, but may also include candidates from other public organizations in the role of technical advisor. This award category does not require a person to be an OWEA/WEF member. Traditionally, this award is given at the awards breakfast/brunch/lunch at the annual conference.
Please Note: The nominee does not have to be a member of the Ohio Water Environment Association. Individuals who have won this award in the past are no longer eligible.
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