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Joseph Winton Ellms was a founding father of the Ohio Sewage and Industrial Waste Treatment Conference in 1926, now known as the Ohio Water Environment Association. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1893 with a degree in Chemistry. In 1898, he participated in studies on the treatability of Ohio River water as a source for Cincinnati’s water supply. He remained with the city and became the first Plant Superintendent of the “California” plant. In 1918, Mr. Ellms moved to Cleveland to work in the city’s water treatment plant. Once the city began treating its sewage, he switched to the sewage side and became the Cleveland Commissioner of Sewage Disposal. Mr. Ellms was also widely known as a partner in consulting fi rms. Mr. Ellms took a leadership role representing the Ohio Conference on the “Committee of 100” which brought about a Federation of state sewage treatment associations, primarily for the purpose of publishing peer reviewed technical papers for educational purposes. We now know this federation as the Water Environment Federation.
Award Description: The J.W. Ellms Award is presented to an individual that has demonstrated superior administration and supervisory skills with emphasis on conference and workshop planning, civic affairs, and community leadership. Traditionally, this award is given at the awards breakfast/brunch/lunch at the annual conference.

Please Note: The individual must be a member of the Ohio Water Environment Association. Individuals who have won this award in the past are no longer eligible.
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