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Fred Holman Waring was a principal founder of the Ohio Sewage and Industrial Waste Treatment Conference in 1926, now known as the Ohio Water Environment Association. He served in the Division of Sanitary Engineering of the Ohio Department of Health for forty-five years and for over twenty-five years he was the Chief of that division. He was known for his soft glove of enforcement via reasonableness. Mr. Waring personally knew most of the designers, builders and operators of water and waste water facilities in Ohio. In 1961, following his retirement, Mr. Waring wrote a detailed report on the public water supplies and water pollution control facilities in Ohio which is one of the best histories of Ohios early treatment plants.
Award Description: The F.H. Waring Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a significant contribution to the field of industrial waste treatment by the organization and administration of an industrial program for pollution abatement, or research and development of analytical procedures, or treatment processes pertinent to industrial wastes, or outstanding operation of an industrial waste treatment plant as indicated by operation and maintenance, records, and reports of operation. Traditionally, this award is given at the awards breakfast/brunch/lunch at the annual conference.
Please Note: The individual must be a member of the Ohio Water Environment Association. Individuals who have won this award in the past are no longer eligible.

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