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Franklin Dean Stewart was a founding father of the Ohio Sewage and Industrial Waste Treatment Conference in 1926, now known as the Ohio Water Environment Association. He graduated from the Ohio State University in 1913 with a degree in Civil Engineering. Mr. Stewart began his career in the water and sewer industry as an assistant to A. Elliott Kimberly, Consulting Engineer, in Columbus. While there, he worked on design and supervision of construction of various water and sewage projects throughout Ohio. In 1918, he began working for the Ohio Department of Health and remained there the rest of his career as the Assistant Chief Engineer. Dean Stewart held the post of “Editor” for the Ohio Sewage and Industrial Waste Treatment Conference and chaired the first subcommittee on short schools in 1941.
Award Description: The Dean Stewart Award is presented to an individual for their efforts in plant operations, maintenance, and especially for their keeping of records, and reports of the operations. Candidates shall be serving in a significant capacity at their facilities as a lead worker, supervisor, or administrator. Traditionally, this award is given at the awards breakfast/brunch/lunch at the annual conference.
Please Note: The individual must be a member of the Ohio Water Environment Association. Individuals who have won this award in the past are no longer eligible.

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