2024 Fall Conference - Call For Topics
OGFOA is seeking proposals on new issues and practical solutions to meet the professional needs of Oregon’s public finance officers. This is an opportunity to present your innovative solutions, experiences, and research to more than 300 public finance practitioners and contribute to the advancement of government finance. Additionally, you may have attended a separate conference or training and feel that a certain topic should be shared with your OGFOA colleagues.  Finally, feel free to suggest subjects you feel are important, even if the idea is not fully formed yet.   All OGFOA members and nonmembers are invited to submit topics.

The OGFOA conferences feature approximately 25 general and concurrent sessions on seven educational tracks related to public finance and management, as well as credit for OGFOA’s Professional Finance Officer Certification Program. General and concurrent sessions are lecture-style settings featuring one to five speakers.
Topics should be educational, non-commercial, and provide a value to a wide ranging group of attendees. Sales presentations for specific products and/or services will not be considered.
For the upcoming 2024 OGFOA Fall Conference, please submit your proposals by Friday June 7, 2024
If you have an idea, please submit it and the committee can discuss possible speaker and training options. 

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