2024 Survey to Academies of Science - Successes & Challenges - National Association for Academies of Science
Greetings State & Regional Academy of Science leaders,

The National Association of Academies of Science (NAAS)  is always looking for ways to serve you better. We'd love to share your successes with our community, and we'd love to know your challenges so that we can better to support you. Can you take a few minutes to tell us what's going well for you, and what is a challenge right now? If you're willing to let us share your stories in our newsletter, on our website, or elsewhere, let us know and we'd be delighted to highlight the work you're doing.  We'd love to hear from you before March 1, 2024.
Thank you!

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We'd love to hear up to 3 Success stories for your organization over the past 2-3 years

The NAAS is assembling toolkits on various topics to help our members. We have some resources available for you on Fundraising, Membership and Science Policy. Watch for more toolkits soon on Governance and other topics. Please share your favorite resources with us if you think they would help your fellow Academies. Thank you!

Check out NAAS' Academy of Science Toolkits here