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Digital Literacy for Everyone
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Presenter:  Kieran Hixon 
Looking for ways to get you and your staff up to speed? If you can figure out Dewey, you can figure out Windows! Gain practical tips, tools, and techniques to help bridge the digital divide at your library and create a culture of learning around technology

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Local History at Your Library: Discover Hidden Treasurers
Category: Archives
In the morning you will hear about the local history room at the Milan - Berlin Library District and it's storied history. James Tolbert, Director is excited to share with you how it came to be, where it has been, and where it is going. The discussion will include an overview of the collection and the changes that have been made recently, funding sources and how to approach them, how to deal with budget limitations, how the digital collection was created, and how the library promotes the collection. There will also be a question and answer session after the discussion.

Learning Objectives:
  • How to get started
  • Funding
  • Budgets
  • Digital Collection
  • Promotion
In the afternoon you will hear about the Cleveland Memory Project and  the Ohio Outdoor Sculpture Inventory.  Crowd-sourcing local history in NE Ohio is possible through the Cleveland Memory Project and the Ohio Outdoor Sculpture Inventory. Area libraries have utilized Cleveland Memory’s platform to mount their own photographs and other materials on-line, while the OOSI identifies the sculptures, statues and monuments of Ohio’s cities and towns with the help of local volunteers. Bill Barrow, Head of Special Collections at the CSU Library (Cleveland Memory’s home) and Chair of the Preservation Committee of The Sculpture Center (OOSI’s home), will profile some of those community partnerships and tell how local public libraries and individuals could participate.

We will follow the last presentation with a roundtable discussion.

James Tolbert
, Director,
Milan - Berlin Library District 
James is a native of Fort Wayne, Indiana. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Taylor University with a Bachelor's in English Studies, and received both an MLS and an MIS from Indiana University.  
James began his library career by working his way up in various circulation and clerk positions in the libraries of both universities. After graduating, he worked for the St. Louis Public Library and Ivy Tech Community College for several years before being hired as the Director of the Milan - Berlin Library District in 2014.
James has presented on various topics at ILF and ALA, and served on the OLC conference committee. He is also currently the chair of the Directors’ Panel at CLEVNET.

William C. Barrow, M.A. M.L.S., Head of Special Collections, Michael Schwartz Library, Cleveland State University
A Cleveland native, Bill has been the Head of Special Collections since 1999 and was a co-founder of the Cleveland Memory Project in 2002. He holds Masters degrees in History from Cleveland State and in Library Science from Kent State. Once a Realtor in Arizona, his particular interests include the history of land subdivision and surveying and the maps so created.


Location: Milan-Berlin Library District

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Paint Night: How to do this at Your Library
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Inspired by the popular local Paint Nite events, the Westerville Public Library decided to bring the programming to their patrons for free!  The program allowed attendees of any skill level to recreate beautiful paintings by following guided, step-by-step instructions from the artist.  Librarians will learn how to coordinate a free paint night event for their patrons and how to select an artist if there is not one on your staff.

Presented by:
Kaya Burgin, Adult Services Librarian
Becky O'Neil, Youth Services Librarian

Location: Online

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The Welcoming Library: A Multi-sensory Approach
Category: Archives
You want your library to welcoming.  It is more than just customer service.  You want to surprise and delight your patrons to keep them coming back.

By attending this engaging webinar, participants will be able to:
1. Explore all five senses and discover how to best use each in delivering a welcoming library experience for our patrons
2. Identify your strengths in addressing the needs of all types of patrons
3. Ponder the talents of your team at your branch

Presenter: Andrea Eagan, Youth Services Assistant, Geauga County Public Library
Involved in library work for 17 years, Andrea Egan, a graduate of Cleveland State University, wife of Paul, and mom to adult sons, Joe and Josh, has been a life-long lover of people and has found all kinds of ways to make them the focus of her job! From fast food to banking and from retail to teaching, and even marketing pet food, Andrea has been working with and for people for 35 years, and plans to continue serving patrons of all ages for as long as she is able. She looks forward to sharing experience and a fresh perspective on welcoming patrons in your libraries.

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Tips and Best Practices for Hosting a Successful Cord Cutting Class
Category: Archives
Some people pay for cable and satellite television, others opt for Internet streaming services. The latter group, often known as cord cutters, is a population quickly growing in popularity as the ease and accessibility of online streaming content is made available. While there people who cancel their cable and jump right into the new territory, you may be surprised to know that you have many patrons in your community that would like to learn about cord cutting before they begin—making this a popular choice for an adult informational program. Pack the house at your library with a Cord Cutting 101 class. This webinar will provide tips and tricks for you to develop an informational and useful program while promoting what the library can offer for the cord cutting population.

In this webinar you will learn:
  •   How to be a cord cutter including popular devices and streaming services
  •   What trends are shaping the cord cutting market
  •   Tips and best practices for hosting a cord cutting informational program of your own
  •   FAQ and tech support issues you may come across in your journey 
Presenter:  Kelsey Logston is a Reference Librarian at Reed Memorial Library and cord cutter since 2007.

Location: Online

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We Can't Stop Doing That!
Category: Archives
Why is it so easy to start new projects or formulate new procedures and policies, yet so hard to stop doing things that are no longer important, efficient or effective, especially if they were once necessary or successful?  How can you help yourself and your staff see the value in cutting procedures or services that are no longer working?  This webinar will look at the reasons it is often difficult to eliminate something that we do or provide and will talk about a model for actively involving staff in determining if something can be stopped, why it can be stopped, when it can be stopped and how it can be stopped. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand barriers to stopping a task or activity
  • Examine tasks and activities in terms of value to the organization
  • Provide a model for effectively involving staff in the decisions  
Betsy Lantz, Executive Director, Northeast Ohio Regional Library System

Location: Online

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Winning Library Grants
Category: Archives
Grants can support the changing needs in your community and your budget, as well as many additional benefits. Stephanie Gerding’s grant webinars are known for being easy to understand, motivating, fun and full of valuable tips.

In this interactive webinar, you will learn the basic process of grant work, including how to develop a winning grant project, where to look for funding sources, and what key elements go into a great proposal. Learn how to quickly locate grant opportunities through free resources, find out what funders are looking for in a successful grant proposal, and discover real library grant success techniques. Practical advice, easy grants for beginners, partnership ideas, and valuable resource lists will be shared. You’ll be excited, motivated, and ready to win grants for your library!

Participants will be able to:
  • Apply the basic process of grant work
  • Develop grant projects using community needs & planning
  • Find library grant funding sources
  • Write a proposal funders will love
Presenter:  Stephanie Gerding, MLIS, is a library consultant, author, and trainer. She has in-depth knowledge and practical experience with grants, having worked on all sides of the grant process as a grant writer, funder, project coordinator, and evaluator. Stephanie is the author of four books, including Winning Grants and The Accidental Technology Trainer, as well as over 20 professional library articles on fundraising.

Recent projects include sole creation and facilitation for the Public Library Association's strategic planning initiative, Dynamic Planning Institute, instructor for Infopeople's Building a Culture of Learning initiative, trainer for PLA's Project Outcome, and training needs assessments for state and national organizations. She is Executive Director of Act of Giving, a nonprofit giving circle.

Location: Online

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