Event Registration - Richmond Area Bicycling Association
TRAINING TEAM - 2017 Heart of Virginia
6/17/17 - 9/16/17

Richmond Area Bicycling Association is proud to announce that the Heart of Virginia Bicycle Festival Training Team will once again help RABA riders achieve their goals!

Registered riders will be provided with a 12 week training plan developed by League of American Bicyclist Certified Instructor Gregg Hillmar and professional cyclist and coach Julie Hunter. The goal of the plan is to transition a rider comfortable with a 30 mile ride into a rider ready to complete the Heart of Virginia Century. Part of the plan is a weekly road ride with other Training Team members. Each Training Team Road Ride will be accompanied by an experienced ride leader. So, whether you like to ride at 14-16 mph, 16-18 mph, or 18+, you can learn from an experienced rider who rides at your speed! Rides over 40 miles will include RABA-provided rest stops and on-course vehicular SAG support. Training Team rides will start at 8 AM on Saturday June 17th and will continue each following Saturday until the Heart of Virginia Bicycle Festival on September 16th. Many of the rides will use roads that are part of the HoVa routes so riders become familiar with the actual terrain of the route.

Additional events might be offered that include road safety and skills clinics, bike fit demonstrations, nutrition information for the century rider, and after-ride socials.

Note these weekly rides and events are open ONLY to riders registered for the Training Team.

Registration on the Training Team includes automatic registration for the Heart of Virginia Bicycle Festival event in addition to everything above for one price of:

  • $55 if you register by June 16th
  • $60 if you register June 17th - June 30th


Registration has been Closed for this event.