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July Webinar 2022
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Event Description
As wastewater utilities look to the future in 2050 and beyond, they are learning that the conditions that drove treatment technology decisions in the past no longer apply and that they need to position for the future in a different way.  But what does that future look like and how can utilities plan for conditions that that are difficult to envision or predict? This talk will focus on the evolving nature of treatment technologies and how innovation can disrupt existing industry paradigms. Presenter Julian Sandino, PhD, PE, BCEE, WEF Fellow,  IWA Fellow will present examples of the latest global trends in liquids and solids treatment technologies and the drivers that are leading utilities to explore and innovate.  These trends include drivers towards process intensification, net zero impacts and a focus on social value.  He will also explore how wastewater utilities contribute to the circular economy by recovering resources in the form of water, energy, nutrients, and other high-value end products.
This webinar is made possible by the generous support of Jacobs.
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July 13th, 10 am - The webinar will start approximately 15 minutes early to allow for any technological challenges registrants may have. Please plan on logging on early to ensure your equipment is working correctly.

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