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2022 75th OCLTC Derby -- Oregon Inlet, NC
9/11/2022 - 9/15/2022

Event Description
The hard copy Invitation was sent on September 29 via mail. This electronic invitation follows the required timeframe for electronic notifications as set out in the bylaws.

Dear OCLTC Members,

Hello!  I am pleased to announce that next year will be the 75th anniversary of the Ocean City Light Tackle Club, and therefore our 75th Club Derby will be held on September 11th – 15th 2022 at Oregon Inlet North Carolina.  This will be a special celebration of our club’s heritage.

The 2022 OCLTC Derby will feature 3 days of fishing with a fun-day/weather-day scheduled in.
Fishing is scheduled for September 12th, 13th and either 14th or 15th.  If the weather cooperates, we will have a fun fishing day on the alternating tournament day.
The Derby format is set up so we will have 4 anglers per boat with each angler allowed one rod.
We will be using 30# test Hi Viz tournament grade line and it will be supplied to each participant prior to the tournament.
Currently we have four events planned.  The opening dinner will be on September 11th, 2022.  A cocktail party with hors de oeuvres is planned for Tuesday September 13th and a guest luncheon will be on Wednesday September 14th.  Closing dinner will take place on Thursday September 15th.
We have procured the service of the best marlin fishing boats in the fleet including Pelican, Smoker, Obsession, Drifter, Point Runner, Skirt Chaser, Qualifier, Fin Planner, Desperado and Rigged Up.
The fun day will be set up to accommodate all anglers and interested guests and we will have as many as 6 anglers/guests per boat.
The cost of the derby is $4,300.00 Per angler and $750.00 for guests.
Anglers will be taken on a first come, first serve basis with a maximum of 40.  Your registration is based upon the date your non-refundable check is received or the date you pay on-line.  
There are no credit card fees to use the credit card payment option. We highly encourage using the on-line Event Registration and online payment through Paypal.  
If we decide to accept more than 40 anglers and need more boats, we will do our best to arrange additional boats.
As in previous derbies, any anglers over the maximum of 40 will be accepted in groups of 4 only or put on a waiting list.
A non-refundable deposit of $2,150.00 is required to reserve a place in the derby or you may pay in full.  If you have a change in plans and cannot attend, you are still required to pay your full Derby fees unless you find another member to take your place and it is approved by the Derby Chairman.   
Online payment is the best way to pay and confirm your spot in the derby.
If you want to write a check –
Please make checks payable to OCLTC with “OCLTC 2022 Derby” written on the memo line. 
Again, your registration is based upon the date your check is received by the Derby Chairman or the date of your confirmed online payment.  Using the online payment eliminates the USPS delivery variable.
Online Event Registrations that do not have payments by October 31, 2021 will be released.  All open slots will be available to other members and guests and they may apply after November 1, 2021.
Final payment will be due May 1,2022.
IF sending checks, please mail checks to:                                                                                            
Chesapeake Tax & Financial Services
Attn: Patrick Svehla
1721 Edmondson Avenue
Catonsville, Maryland 21228
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 503-320-5389.
Best Regards,
Brian Light

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