Michigan Water Environment Association

Event Registration - MWEA
2020 - Fund. of Maintenance Practices 2
1/1/2020 - 12/31/2020
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

EGLE CECs: 0.6 DW & WW Technical
WW Course Code: 2431
DW Course Code: 2534

This course takes the concept of providing proper training for maintenance staff to the next level. Persons completing this class will have a better base of knowledge and/or skills towards contributing to the overall success of any maintenance program.

There is very little overlap between this course and Maintenance Practices 1, and while taking that course is highly recommended, it is not a prerequisite for Maintenance Practices 2. Therefore, this class can be considered a stand alone option.

However, having persons responsible for maintenance duties attend both Maintenance Practice 1 and 2 could be thought of as a department performing due diligence for protecting one of a community's greatest assets.

Topics Covered:
    Pump Basics, Types and Maintenance
    Valves Basics and Maintenance
    Gate Basics and Maintenance
    Gears and Gear Maintenance
    Sprockets and Chains
    Belts and Sheaves
    Trouble Shooting

Location: Various Locations throughout Michigan

Online registration has been Temporarily Suspended for this event