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MSU/ MWEA Watershed Management Certification Program
3/27/2017 - 12/31/2025

Location: ~online only~

Event Description
Certification Requirements
1) Program participants will be required to enroll in the program and complete seven online courses. To complete each course participants must pass a course test with a score of 80%. The cost of each course is $100.

Course 1: Basics of Hydrology
Course 2: Addressing Water Quality 
Course 3: Socioeconomic Considerations, Institutions & Management Issues
Course 4: Developing & Implement Watershed Management Plans
Course 5: Tools & Modeling for Watershed Management
Course 6: Understanding Soil Erosion & Sediment and Pollution
Course 7: Historical & Legal Issues of Watershed Management
Course 8: Best Management Practices (BMP) – Drain and Water Resources Maintenance

2) Within 24 months of enrollment, participants must attend ONE MWEA Watershed event. Annual events offered include the Watershed & Stormwater Seminar and Watershed Summit. As a certification program participant, the required event registration fee will be waived. You MUST contact MWEA to notify them which event you will be attending.
Watershed Summit: (typically scheduled for every March)
Watershed & Stormwater Seminar: (typically scheduled for every December)

Certification Guidelines
Online courses are designed to be flexible to accommodate personal schedules. In general each course should be completed within three weeks. Participants are expected to complete the entire program within 24 months. Courses need not be taken sequentially and can be taken simultaneously. Each course is offered entirely on line and can be accessed 24/7.
Each course cost: $100 each.
***************** Note: $30 enrollment fee for this program must be paid BEFORE certification is achieved. *****************