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Marketing 101 Seminar - Lansing
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Event Description
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Do your projects conform to your financial plan, or are cost overruns and unbudgeted expenses more the norm? Do you wish you had total control of all the information about your business? In this powerful workshop guaranteed to give you more control of your project finances, learn the best practices for land development projects, including,

1. Budgeting with historical data, incremental budgeting, leading to a final construction budget;
2. Detailed tracking of budget changes using 'Management by Exception' methods;
3. Developing accurate schedules and integrating budget and schedule information for better cash flow reporting;
4. Better managing acquisitions and tracking entitlements, take downs, and financial forecasts;
5. Working more efficiently with vendors to receive and meaningfully compare apples-to-apples competitive bids;
6. Enhanced project document tracking techniques;
7. Developing cash flow, operational and management reports for improved project control;
8. ?and much, much more.

The information you will learn also includes proper estimating techniques for developing more accurate upfront budgets, gaining control of the vendor bidding process, variance management of field problems, and contracting methods that reduce overall project cost. The course is led by an industry veteran that has over 30 years of first hand industry experience. In this half-day seminar, particiapants will gain insight into an industry niche that has been largely overlooked by consultants and other professionals.

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