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2017 Middle School Mathematics Summer Institute
6/13/17 - 6/15/17



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In June 2017, KCM will offer the Middle School Mathematics Summer Institute! This institute will consist of two professional learning opportunities for middle school (6-8) educators. Both of these PLEs (professional learning experiences) are funded by the Kentucky Department of Education and are designed to provide cross-district collaboration and professional growth among middle school math teachers. 

Participants in the 2017 Middle School Summer Institute may choose to attend the one-day PLE, the two day PLE, or all three days (both PLEs). If possible, we highly recommend attending all three days. The dates/topics will be:
  • One day PLE - Tuesday June 13  - Thinking Routines, Models and Discourse for Middle School Mathematics (6-8)​
  • Two day PLE - Wednesday & Thursday June 14 & 15 - Purposefully Designing a Thinking Culture in Middle School (6-8) Math Classrooms
Both of these PLEs are FREE.

More information about each of these PLEs can be found below. You will be prompted to choose which dates you would like to attend on the "Packages" page during the registration process.
One-day PLE - Tuesday June 13
Thinking Routines, Models and Discourse for Middle School Mathematics (6-8)
Join KCM and master teacher, Anne Burgunder, as we explore pedagogical tools and instructional routines that enhance student reasoning and communication.
During this one-day PLE, participants will delve into ways to teach middle school mathematics with built in opportunities for formative assessment and responsive teaching. Participants will:
  • explore how to orient instruction that will develop a mathematics pedagogy which focuses on student understanding
  • examine the role of modeling to develop deep mathematical understanding and to foster visible thinking
  • explore instructional routines that support the development of critical thinking skills and reasoning
  • examine talk moves and strategies that help students develop fluency with mathematical language and to use this language to construct viable mathematical arguments
Two-day PLE - Wednesday & Thursday June 14 & 15
Purposefully Designing a Thinking Culture in Middle School Math Classrooms
Start next school year with a specific plan for cultivating a classroom/school culture focused on mathematical habits of mind and the big ideas of middle school mathematics.
Join KCM and master teacher, Anne Burgunder, for this two-day PLE that will provide middle school educators with opportunities to design classroom environments that cultivate mathematical habits of mind in students and help them think about mathematics the way mathematicians do.  We will explore how to intentionally create learning settings where students can be pattern sniffers, experimenters, describers, tinkerers, inventors, visualizers, conjecturers, and guessers.
Start-off the 2017-18 school year with a plan in place for how you will establish or enhance a thinking culture in your middle school math classrooms. A culture where students and teachers focus less on what they are supposed to do next and more on actively making sense of mathematics. Participants will learn how to:
  • build a classroom culture that fosters mathematical habits of mind
  • organize mathematics instruction though a lens of big ideas and strategies that allow students to make sense of mathematics
  • select, adapt and create rich tasks for students to engage in
  • increase opportunities for students to talk about their thinking with a partner and learning to listen to each other
  • use a variety of models and tools to facilitate mathematical understanding  

Location: University of Louisville Event Center, Founder Union Building, Louisville, KY 40222

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