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KNPI (AVMR) - Christian County - Beth Meiman (2017-2018)
7/25/17 - 12/13/17
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The facilitator is Beth Meiman.

This course is built around Add+Vantage Math Recovery and is designed for elementary grades teachers to learn and practice assessments and teaching strategies for advancing students' foundational number knowledge, including addition and subtraction and multiplication and division.

Please note, a minimum of 6 participants must register in order for this training to take place. In the event that the minimum number has not been reached, registered participants will be alerted and will be given the opportunity to join another KNPI cohort, if one should be available.

Kentucky Numeracy Project Intensive includes 10 days of training spread over 4 sessions. KNPI also requires 3 in-person collegial team meetings, which will be scheduled at the discretion of the facilitator and training participants. The dates for each session are as follows:

Session 1: July 25, 26 & 27 (9am-4pm, CST) -James E. Bruce Convention Center, Ballroom
Session 2: Sept. 14 & 15 (9am-4pm, CST) -James E. Bruce Convention Center, Terrace Room
Session 3: Nov. 1 & 2 (9am-4pm, CST) -Christian Co. Board of Education
Session 4A: Nov. 20 & 21 (9am-4pm, CST) -Christian Co. Board of Education
Session 4B: Dec. 13 (9am-4pm, CST) -James E. Bruce Convention Center, Terrace Room

Registration will be available until 11:59pm on June 9, 2017.

Cost (p/person): $2,000
Price includes 10 days of training, 2 teacher handbooks, 5 assessment kits, numeral cards, bead racks, counters and covers, dot dice, numeral dice, arrow cards, laminated hundred chart, 100 bead string, blank cubes, deca die, and sticks/elastics.

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Location: Event Locations Vary, See Event Details, Hopkinsville, KY

Registration has been Closed for this event.


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