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  • Psychologists listed in this database are members of the San Diego Psychological Association and are licensed to practice by the State of California.
  • Listings contained in this section are based on information given by the psychologists. 
You may search this listing by any or all of the fields below.  For example, if you are looking for a psychologist in your city or in your zip code you may search only by that field.   Note:  The fields for "First Name, Last Name, etc" allow you to search for an individual psychologist by name.  You are not required  to put your name in those fields. 

If you do not want to search for a psychologist by name, please skip to the other categories.  Please contact SDPA if you need assistance with this service at 858.277.1463.

ATTN: If you are seeking a list of psychologists who participate in the PSYCHOLOGY 2000 project, please choose PSYCHOLOGY 2000 from the list of INSURANCE TYPES ACCEPTED and then click the SEARCH button.

CLICK HERE FOR THE 2013 Directory Addendum.

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