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Managing Change and the Path to Becoming an Independent Organization
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ALP New Member/New Leader Orientation
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Thirsty Thursday
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Thirsty Thursday
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Virtual Leadership Programming: You CAN do it Online!
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2020 Virtual Conference
07/27/20 - 07/28/20

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Often, leadership programs are founded under the umbrella of a sponsoring organization as the need for business and civic leadership is identified as a significant weakness and/or opportunity for the community. As these leadership programs mature, they often find themselves inadequately resourced and underleveraged. This presentation highlights the transition of the New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute (NORLI) from under the umbrella of a partner organization into its own 501(c)(3) entity, and how to manage the changes, expectations, dynamics and challenges that board members and staff will face in becoming independent.
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Offered by ALP member Leadership Rhode Island
Join leaders from more than 35 states across the country for a NEW virtual networking experience that will put YOU in control of making the connections you want to make.

This isn't a webinar to put on in the background while you sort through your inbox. This is an opportunity for graduates and alumni from leadership programs across the nation to actively connect with one-another. You will want to show up early, and be camera ready.

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Open Conversation and Check In

Topic to be determined based on what we are seeing on the Facebook group
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Open Conversation and Check In
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By now we’ve all used virtual platforms for online meetings, but how do we use these tools to create compelling virtual program days? How can we convert content that would have been in-person into something virtual that our participants will love? A panel of program managers will share how they have conducted interactive and immersive online content to keep our classes learning while we can’t meet in person.  We’ll discuss session length, structure, creating content, and why our classes see these meetings as more than “just another zoom call.”

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7/27/2020 - 7/28/2020
Join your colleagues July 27-28. 2020, as we connect virtually, engage and learn.
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