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Events in the month of September 2018
Every year the PNW4WDA holds a Fall meeting for our delegates to have an audience with our Board of Directors and fellow delegates. This gives a unique opportunity to exchange information about the future of our association. This meeting is also a chance to submit any By-Law or Competition Rule change proposals in time for voting at our Winter Convention.

Under the Hill Gang is sponsoring a race at the Fairgrounds property across the road from the meeting facility on September 8-9. You are welcome to camp out and support these young racers who are the future of the PNW4WDA. - Camping Only Fee $50 – checks payable to Under the Hill Gang

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Monthly Region Meeting for Region 4
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OSP in Region 1 is happening again! Come clean up the beaches in Ocean Shores!
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9/15/2018 - 9/16/2018
Riley Ranch in Coos County is a great OHV RV camping spot.
Strawberry Hill hosts this at the beach and dunes event.
Show up Friday night camp with us and have a great time.
Saturday will be a quick meeting and potluck.
There will be many dune runs.  If you know the area you know why we choose it.
No charge but Riley Ranch does charge to camp in the county owned and ran RV spot.

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Monthly Region Meeting for Region 3
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Monthly Region Meeting for Region 1
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Monthly Region Meeting for Region 2
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