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3/25/2024 - 3/26/2024
CRP 501 - Cyber Resilience Review
2-day Course (March 25-26 2024)
There are countless opportunities for hackers to cause massive disruptions, all of which require a coordinated, collaborative response – and no organization is immune. Cyber Resilience Review is a fast-paced, two-day course that is built for the experienced resilience professional. Collaboration amongst areas is prime for a prompt, effective and efficient response, and with this course, you’ll be able to take steps to make that happen in your organization.

The objectives of this course are to:
  1. Provide students with detailed instruction, framework, and guidance for implementing the concepts essential to combining cyber security and business continuity into an effective Cyber Resilience program.
  2. Prepare students with actionable recommendations and best practices to represent an appropriate “value proposition” to an organization’s executive management that will help to ensure any investment necessary to step up to a strong Cyber Resilience program.
  3. Provide practical examples in cyber, response, and recovery scenarios to help understand the issues you will face.
  4. Share experiences with other professionals.
  5. Prepare to pass the Cyber Resilience Examination, so students can take the next steps toward being certified as a DRI International Certified Cyber Resilience Professional.
TUES, MAR 26 (13h00-14h00 EST)

Applications of Battle-Tested Military Methodology to Civilian Disaster Resilience

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) routinely operate in areas of disaster, upheaval, and chaos. While CAF objectives predominately differ from those of business and even other government departments, there are clear advantages to be found in exploiting the best and most applicable methodologies and approaches. Mark Nasmith, decorated CAF veteran of 31 years, highlights grounded, proven, and lived military experience to provide actionable, achievable, and acronym-free recommendations to improve performance at the spear-tip of emergency management.

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Cost: FREE to members of all DRIE/RECO/BCMIE/EPICC Chapters.

Speaker Profile:  Mark Nasmith retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after 31 years as a senior officer and Air Combat Systems Operator. 17 years of flying operations, on both naval helicopters and fighter jet aircraft, involved search and rescue, counter-piracy, narcotics, and terrorism missions. Senior staff and leadership positions ranged from the tactical to the institutional levels, inter-departmental planning and response, and work with Sikorsky, Boeing, General Dynamics, and Lockheed Martin.
Mark founded Watchtower Emergency Management Inc. to provide practical emergency management solutions augmented by decades of military experience. Watchtower’s most recent customer was the crisis analysis department at the Canada Life Assurance Company.