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The landscape of healthcare has changed as the main causes of death and morbidity have changed. Social and economic factors have the largest impact on health status and outcomes – almost as much as health behaviors, clinical care and physical environment combined! This webinar will introduce you to numerous initiatives which are underway and go beyond the food pantry to address the socioeconomic challenges.  

What You Will Learn:

  • How to distinguish a social determinant from a social need and what they are
  • The impact engagement and intervention can have during a crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Options for identifying, documenting, and tracking community and individual need
  • Initiatives that stakeholders like the government, payers, providers, states and partners are experimenting with

Our Presenter

Shanna Hanson, FHFMA, ACB  

Shanna is Manager of Business Knowledge at Centauri Health Solutions. In her role, she is responsible for researching and reporting to executive staff on all legislative and environmental changes and trends impacting the company’s health care markets, services and product development initiatives. This includes strategic knowledge leadership for the company on national health care reform and the Affordable Care Act. Additionally, she is a recognized industry writer and speaker on health care and related topics. 

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10/28/20209:00am to 10:00amWebinar

Join Centauri Health Solutions', Larry Roberts, Vice President of Technology, as he moderates the CAHAM Webinar Hospital Panel Discussion with Gerilynn Sevenikar, Vice President Revenue Cycle, Sharp Healthcare; Rewa Cooper, IDS Administrative Director of Patient Access, PIH; and Kathy Jankowski, Executive Director of Finance, Methodist Hospital of Southern California.

The panel discussion will cover how patient access has adapted to COVID’s impact and lessons learned.

Attendees will learn:

1. How Patient Access Management and Staff adapted to the onset of COVID?
2. Which procedure changes were the most effective and their effect on the patient experience?
3. What “you are not alone” means in Patient Access as the crisis continues?
4. Hindsight is clear sight, what could you have done differently if you had it to do over again?
5. How Patient Access continues to adapt to our national health emergency?
6. What working from home is like for Patient Access Management and Staff?
7. How working with onsite vendors who assist patients in obtaining healthcare coverage changed?

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11/6/202012:00pm to 1:00pmWebinar

A butterfly flaps its wings, causing a hurricane halfway around the world. Learn how to apply the butterfly effect by making minor changes in the front-end of your revenue cycle to eliminate denials, increase POS collections and improve patient satisfaction, causing major financial improvements.

Presenter: Clint Jones, VP, Business Development - AccuReg

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12/17/202012:00pm to 1:00pmJulie Haluska

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