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Denials are up 23% since 2016, averaging 11.1% of total claims submitted.  Registration/eligibility, authorization, and services not covered account for approximately 50% of all denied claims.  In this webinar, we provide actionable insight into determining the root cause of a denial and how to resolve the denial through process improvement.

1) Basic understanding of claim adjustment reason codes
2) Top denials for Patient Access
3) Provide actionable insight to assist in root cause resolutions and denial prevention

Speaker: Debbie Binczewski, President, Uprise Consulting Group, Inc.
Debbie is passionate that hospitals and clinics receive every dollar earned for the excellent care they give their patients. She has seen first hand how hospitals spend valuable resources to navigate payer roadblocks to reimbursement through authorizations for care and reimbursement denials. She has an extensive background in healthcare finance and revenue cycle both as a hospital executive and as a consultant. Presently, Debbie is the President of Uprise Consulting Group who specializes in the increase of long-term sustainable net revenue for hospitals and clinics through root cause resolution of preventable denials. Debbie holds a BS in Accounting from San Diego State University and an MBA from University of Phoenix.   

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9/23/202112:00pm to 1:30pmJulie Haluska

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