Have an open position?  Looking for a new job?

Within MemberLeap, the Job Board module allows for the posting of job opportunities by employers.  These opportunities are then searchable by members.  Members (candidates) can post their resume and indicate their interest in employment, which are then searchable by employers.  Our Job Board system is targeted for usage by associations.

Skills, Certifiations, Associations

An association can tailor their job board system by specifying the skills that a candidate might have or an employer might be looking for.  This allows for a job board targeted towards the association's industry.  In addition, applicable certifications and other association memberships that might be advantageous to a candidate or desired by an employer can be listed.

Employer Access

Employers can be members or non-member users granted access to the system - a configuration option for the association. If non-member employers are allowed, an employer registration feature can be exposed on the public side of the website.  Once granted access, employer-users can list jobs and search for candidates.  Multiple users can be connected to a common employer.

Job Seekers

Job seekers (typically members) who want to use the job board can do so by using the search feature.  From search, they can find jobs by keyword, by education level required, or by skills required. If the job seeker wants to be found by potential employers, they will want to update their profile.  This will allow them to list the type of position they are looking for, what skills they have acquired, and they will be able to upload a resume.


If a job seeker does not want to be found by employers (or by a specific employer), they will want to use the privacy settings.  There are three privacy options:
  1. Privacy ON - no employers can see your profile
  2. Privacy OFF - any employers can see your profile
  3. Privacy OFF, some restricted - any employers, except the ones specified, can see your profile